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Medium conins 1
CB014 Consulate

This model can be built using about half the pieces from 10224 Town Hall. The only things you will need...
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Medium giftshop 1
CB016 Amsterdam Gift Shop

This building is the 4th in our Amsterdam series. It features a gift shop on the first floor. The 2nd...
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Medium station1
TB002 Small Town Train Station

This small train station evokes classic small town train stations. With just a few parking spots, a single ticket booth...
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Medium precinct1
CB001 Police Precinct

Your modular city police need a downtown headquarters in order to keep tabs on the criminal element that prey on...
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Medium crp1 1
CB006 City Residential Pack 1

Your minifigs need a place to live, and what better place than this cozy set of houses? These 2 houses...
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Medium sf 1 pic
CB017 San Francisco Victorian House

This Victorian house is the first in our San Francisco series. It was modeled after several houses in SF. It...
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Medium com1 1
CB008 Commercial Pack 1

These 2 buildings look like they belong in an older part of town that has maybe seen better days. The...
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Medium cr3 1
CB019 City Residential Pack 3

This is the 3rd in our City Residential series. This pair of London Row Houses are modeled after a real...
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Medium hardware 2
CB023 Hardware Store

This classic corner hardware store brings back the styling and architecture of the early 20th century. The first floor features...
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Medium sf2 1
CB018 San Francisco Stick Style House

This beautiful Victorian house is the 2nd in our San Francisco series. It was modeled after a real house in...
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Medium chilis1
CB011 Chili's Restaurant

This Chili's restaurant is based on some real Chili's. You may have even driven by one that looks like this...
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Medium bakery 1
CB010 Brick City Bakery

Your minifigs need sweets, right? Come down to the Brick City Bakery for all your cookies, cakes, pies and pastries....
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