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Medium work1
CV009 Work Truck

This generic work truck can serve many purposes in your city. Truck can be used as an electricians truck, plumbers...
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Medium nypdtruck8
CV005 NYPD Emergency Support Vehicle

When there's a boat in trouble, you need first responders to get to the scene quickly. This New York Police...
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Medium glass2
CV002 Glass Truck

Glass is going to break in your city, and who will be around to replace it when it does? Your...
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Medium nypdtruck2 3
CV006 NYPD Radio Truck

New York Police Departments' elite Emergency Services Unit is a combined rescue/SWAT team that are called on when situations get...
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Medium hidump3
CV007 Hi Rail Dump Truck

When it's time to repair your rails, send in the heavy equipment to get the job done. This maintenance of...
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Medium brush4
CV008 Fire Brush Truck

Your rural fire crew needs a truck like this one to get back into the woods and get to where...
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Medium mw jungle  1a
MW002 Jungle Outpost

This jungle outpost with watch tower and communications shack would be great for display with your figures. The ATV goes...
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Medium mw me  5a
MW003 Insurgent Stronghold

This insurgent stronghold would look perfect for any modern conflict display. Includes instructions for two damaged buildings and a shot-up...
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Medium mw ny  2a
MW004 NYC Ruins

This New York City ruins playset was modeled after ruins in the Modern Warfare game. The damaged road, building and...
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Medium boxcar1
TE002 Black Boxcar

Build this boxcar in several different colors and fill out your railyard. An easy build that lends itself to repeating...
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Medium group
TE001 Norfolk Southern Passenger Cars

These passenger coaches are modeled after vintage Norfolk Southern cars. Instructions include directions to build four different cars; business car,...
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Medium gasstation1
CB004 Vintage Service Station

A classic service station to service your classic cars. Customer service isn't a thing of the past at this station...
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